PoCo Publications is the alter ego (d/b/a) of a retired Texan, Mary Boren, founder of Poets Collective and a variety of other noncommercial venues dedicated to bringing quality poetic and inspirational voices to the Internet since 1995. As her circle of international friends contributing to a series of print anthologies grew, this website was established to provide a secondary retail outlet for the books compiled, edited, co-edited, and offered for sale on the CreateSpace self-publishing platform, subsequently subsumed by the Amazon behemoth.

So, yes, you can purchase the books on Amazon and if you have a Prime account and/or live across the pond you might come out ahead with no shipping charge and two-day delivery. However, if you’d care to buy them direct from a senior citizen at a reduced base price with a little longer to eagerly anticipate the package’s arrival at your door, you’ll be painlessly supplementing her meager Social Security income with a few extra pennies per copy.

If you are an author or blogger in need of proofreading, editing, and book or website design, Mary could be persuaded to help you with that at a very competitive price. Use the form below to describe your project in detail and request a quote. For a nonprofit organization or individual with a vision that really grabs her fancy, she’d probably even do it for free. (See Random Screenful, a hub for this and that) All PoCo Publications projects are profanity-free.

Oh, and she has always had a thing for sunflowers …

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