Poets Collective is a noncommercial effort to encourage and promote poetry writing that can stand the test of time and reading that can assure its will to live. Our anthologies contain poetry not found on the website.

For this, the second in a series (now numbering 7 as of summer, 2020), we put out a call for poems to take us from the early hours to just before midnight. Poets responded with a stellar array of perspectives, from Marie Marshall’s irascible demon, who writes on an old manual typewriter with a sticky key …

excerpt from a demon’s diary (Marie Marshall)

… to the ever-flawless rhyme and rhythm of Mark Vincent’s gentle contemplation of the heavens at nightfall …

excerpt by Mark Vincent

Collect the Day fulfills the promise Carl Sandburg’s vision of poetry as “a packsack of invisible keepsakes”. It is a veritable basket of treasures to be picked up and examined again and again in the changing light as the discerning reader moves through our unpredictable procession of days. May yours be blessed.

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Content for this, the fourth in our series of Poets Collective Anthologies, was drawn primarily from contests conducted at allpoetry.com. Since 2019, anthology submissions and most of the poems on the Poets Collective website come from Write, Share, Discuss, a small group of poets on AllPoetry who are engaged with one another in genuine camaraderie and the thoughtful exchange of in-depth critique. Participants pay no fee for inclusion. All PoCo Publications projects are profanity-free.

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