Poetry is like most arts – a passion and a life’s work to those who are called to read and write it. We are happy to be acquainted with an ever expanding group of artists who produce high quality poetry, and who want to share that with the world. 

We invited poems of travel and motion, forests and trails, and out of the box adventures. Our poets have entered their very best, and the result is a volume of poetry that will take you down highways, into caves, out of this world, and inside the minds of the writers. We sincerely hope you enjoy these flights of fancy as much as we have while compiling the book. 

In this, the third of our semi-annual anthologies, we take extra joy in sharing a book made of smiles and pensive thoughts; one of genius, humor,  and the smell of winter pines. Enjoy! 

Toni Christman, November 2016

This page marks the first section.

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Content for this, the fourth in our series of Poets Collective Anthologies, was drawn primarily from contests conducted at allpoetry.com. Since 2019, anthology submissions and most of the poems on the Poets Collective website come from Write, Share, Discuss, a small group of poets on AllPoetry who are engaged with one another in genuine camaraderie and the thoughtful exchange of in-depth critique. Participants pay no fee for inclusion. All PoCo Publications projects are profanity-free.

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