As truth revolves, its facets are revealed
in changing light.  My muse awaits, concealed
in shadows, steering clear of Father Zeus
(who set a slew of noisy daughters loose
in poets’ heads).

For only in the stillness, where the threads
of myth and fable intersect, can reds
and yellows, mystic blues, and shades of grey
be woven into words that light the way
as truth revolves.

In poets’ heads, illusion’s snare absolves
the writer of the story — fact dissolves
in smoke and mirror’s slanted tell, not show.
But when Lamplighter comes to me, I know
she speaks no lies.

If then, and only then, do I arise
to paraphrase, with freshly opened eyes,
the broader bearings of the lessons wrought
from living into truth, each tender thought
serenely spreads.

Mary Boren is a lover of nature, perpetual student of metaphysics, occasional poet, website weaver, and do-it-yourselfer, enjoying retirement years with a frisky old man and a busy little dog in a tiny house surrounded by trees, birds, squirrels, deer, and peacocks on a half acre of heaven in South Central Texas.

Since 1995, she has actively encouraged and promoted the work of outstanding poets, both online and in print anthologies, attributing her love for the craft to a childhood home in which poetry was valued and regularly read aloud.

Coming from a traditional 20th Century Bible Belt background, she found herself under-prepared for the Dark Night of the Soul that set her on a journey of spiritual exploration in the early 2000s. She now tentatively identifies as a Progressive Christian informed by a hodgepodge of Ancient Wisdom and New Thought disciplines.

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