It is my sincere pleasure to present to you the sixth anthology produced by Poets Collective. When publisher Mary Boren proposed the anthology, I volunteered to edit it because I have such a profound respect for the work of the poets featured, and I relished the opportunity to format their works into the present volume. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy the book. These fine poets are all members of the group Write, Share, Discuss (WSD) on the world’s largest poetry website, All Poetry. The motto and charge of WSD is “All are teachers; all are learners.” We take that mission very seriously. I can speak as an active member that the discussions and critiques of the members of WSD have made me a better poet, and offered insight I might not get anywhere else. The perspective of poets at all levels of experience and of all ages widens our own windows on our work, and yields a constant supply of grist for the creative mill.

The other added benefit is that we have become friends. There is a satisfaction in knowing that All Poetry, and specifically WSD, are like the great salons of the Enlightenment, but for the digital age. Our chats are lively, the witty repartee and banter flows as naturally some days as though we were all in the same room, and we work together in a spirit of mutual appreciation and respect. It’s truly been a joy for me to participate. Hence my eagerness to work on this anthology.

So with that, I present MOSAIC.

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Sixth in the Poets Collective Anthology Series

Editor: Thomas Horton

Poets: Tabitha Isbell, Thomas Horton, Susanne Donoghue, Mark Simpson, G. Eve Kaye, Lily Colbin, Beatrice Kynard, Mary Boren, Sarah Van der Pas, Michael Thomas, Leo Durrant, Scylla Grant, Mark Vincent, Jonathan Topazian, Thomas Burson

Since 2019, anthology submissions and most of the poems on the Poets Collective website come from Write, Share, Discuss, a small group of poets on who are engaged with one another in genuine camaraderie and the thoughtful exchange of in-depth critique. Participants pay no fee for inclusion. All PoCo Publications projects are profanity-free.

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