The following “tales” were never written down in a day book or diary or journal, but are recorded in this simple little book solely from memory. I have (sacrificially) refrained from telling many family-or-children or grandchildren-or-great-grandchildren tales. (For which, I am sure, you will be thankful.) I have included many of the light and blithe and happy and loving and laughing (and sometimes frivolous and foolish) little tales which have touched and blessed my life with joy beyond expression. I have refused to include any of the many dark stories which came tome out of ugliness or hatred or fear or guilt or tragedy or despair or self-inflicted suffering, or in trust and confidence.

Hal Upchurch, 1995

In March, 1943, we got our first car, a 1942 Chevrolet sedan that had a little over 5000 miles on the odometer, and cost $675.00.

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Hal Upchurch, May 4, 1918 – May 1, 2008 Born of humble beginnings as one of six children in a Central Texas sharecropping family, died in West Texas three days short of his 90th birthday. Between the dashes, he became husband to Jerry, father to Hal Rhea and Mary Kay, friend, pastor, teacher, and example to countless others. Responding to “The Whisper” that told him to “stand before the people with a Bible in your hand”, he was admitted to Wayland Baptist College in 1940, a few years after completing only eight grades in a one-room country school. An endowed scholarship in his name continues to help equip Wayland students for their ministries. He served churches in Texas, Wyoming, and Colorado across the intervening decades. For more than twenty years, he preached in the summer Cowboy Camp Meetings throughout the western states. In 1963, he preached in the New Life Crusade in the Far East. In 1966, he went on a one-month Around the World preaching tour. He remained actively involved in preaching revivals and Bible studies in the Central and Western United States until retirement in the Hill Country near the place of his birth.

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