Author’s statement: I put this little booklet together for a dear near-lifelong friend who has known and loved me by all my many names, and thought it might be of interest to others with first-hand knowledge or acquired experience with a member of the baby boom generation. It is made freely available below in two layouts: (Option 1) for viewing in a standard web browser, and/or (Option 2) for readers who prefer the touch of actual paper, for duplication on a home printer.

Option 1: Web Layout

Option 2: Print Layout Side 1

Option 2: Print Layout side 2

Since 2019, anthology submissions and most of the poems on the Poets Collective website come from Write, Share, Discuss, a small group of poets on who are engaged with one another in genuine camaraderie and the thoughtful exchange of in-depth critique. Participants pay no fee for inclusion. All PoCo Publications projects are profanity-free.

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