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Collect the Day (August, 2015)


The Four Elements: Effects and Influences (2017)

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Passages: A Compendium of Comings & Goings (2016)


3rd in series
37 poets, 67 poems
120 pages, 6″ x 9″ paperback

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Click image to enlarge representative page preview of poem by Eric Linden.

Third in Poets Collective Anthology Series (Read the foreword.)

We invited poems of travel and motion, forests and trails, and out of the box adventures. Our poets have entered their very best, and the result is a volume of poetry that will take you down highways, into caves, out of this world, and inside the minds of 37 writers. These section headings serve as your tour guide:

Windows & Doors

Chasms & Bridges
Tracks & Trails
Time & Space
Dreams & Visions

Co-Editors: Mary Boren & Toni Christman
Poets: Linda Bullerwell, James Anthony, Alistair Muir, Mary Boren, Tamara Fricke, Damian Harrowe, Joy A. Burki-Watson, Mark Andrew J. Terry, Andrew Sano, Katharine L. Sparrow, Rob Ganson, Joyce Josephson, Sharon Anderson, Terry O’Leary, Rita A. Simmonds, R. Mark Vincent, Lance Convey, Anton Carl Ansford, Alf Collier, Rebecca F. Friend, Toni Christman, Michael Schepers, Eric Linden, Kaleb Pier, Maria Mazzenga, J.J. Stone, Terry Williams, Glenn Meisenheimer, Radhika Lekshmi R. Nair, Thomas Horton, William Rout, Robert Lindsay, Stephen Bakondy, Sarah Gosa, Jenna Zeck, Tamara Fricke


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