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Passages: A Compendium of Comings & Goings (2016)


Tales from a Texas Preacher

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Fourth in the Poets Collective Anthology Series (See the prologue.)

Poems from 32 authors encompassing a range of literal and metaphorical explorations of air, water, earth, and fire in their various manifestations.

Co-Editors: Mary Boren & Toni Christman

Poets: Richard Carl Subber, Wally Schwim, Toni Christman, Mark Andrew J. Terry, Maureen Edden, R. Mark Vincent, Susanne Donoghue, Eric Linden, James Anthony, Susan Eckenrode, Penny Noyce, Sharon Anderson, Joy A. Burki-Watson, Phoenix Aradia, Mary Boren, EV Susczecwicz, Phil Capitano, Dennis Turner, William Michael Taylor, Abdul Malik Mandani, Rebecca Kerr, Jason Kerr, Laurie Grommett, Henry Sampson, Jenny Van de Poel, Dorina Li, Charlie Bottle, Linda Bullerwell, Marie Marshall, Kaleb Pier, Scott Venus


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