Living in Historic Times (Foreword)

The poems included reflect simple life, the beauty of nature, the march of time, the changes of society, and the eternal truths of our existence as we experience them, here, and now.

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Mosaic (Foreword)

The perspective of poets at all levels of experience and of all ages widens our own windows on our work, and yields a constant supply of grist for the creative mill.

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Metaphysical Musings (Prologue)

For only in the stillness, where the threads of myth and fable intersect, can reds and yellows, mystic blues, and shades of grey be woven into words that light the way as truth revolves.

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Moments (Foreword)

While previous volumes have dipped into the “well of cultivated moments” through contests and submission calls, this is the first that evolved as a team project, and that’s why readers will sense a more palpable aura of camaraderie between the lines.

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The Four Elements (Prologue)

With thanks to Yaron Shaool for providing our introduction to this themed collection … “The ancients believed the world to be…

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Passages (Foreword)

We invited poems of travel and motion, forests and trails, and out of the box adventures that will take you down highways, into caves, out of this world, and inside the minds of the writers.

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Collect the Day: Poets Collective Anthology #2

It is a veritable basket of treasures to be picked up and examined again and again in the changing light as the discerning reader moves through our unpredictable procession of days.

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Abandon the Shadows (Foreword)

26 contemporary poets lend their trained voices to a rousing sunny side chorus – not in sugar coated greeting card fashion, but in authentic acknowledgment, contemplation, and ultimate acceptance of the challenging circumstances we all witness and experience in life.

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